Trusty Old Car

Almost a week has passed since our Baguio trip. We are most thrilled having been able to getaway from our usual routines. But we are more thrilled that we were able to travel possibly a total of 500 kilometers (to and fro) aboard our trusty old car which honestly requires more than just a dent removal procedure.


A couple of days back the hubby handed me a Suzuki leaflet with quite an affordable downpayment and monthly schemes. Seriously with the way things are going with our finances. Being down by health and medical expenses, plus a lot of bills to pay and have settled, it is just not happening in the near future. But it sure is something to pray about even as the hubby got his legs wet again when it rained yesterday. It usually pours as well on his side of the car when it rains hard.


The car has behaved this way for the longest time despite the repairs hubby’s father funded some years back, which is not cheap, for the record. The cost to have that fixed was around a hundred dollars. It stopped pouring for a while, but before we knew it, it came back with a vengeance on a different location (the driver’s side this time). The pouring used to be where the rear view mirror is installed. I am convinced that this Nissan California is yelling out its retirement on us, but we are still thankful for its trusty engine. Its reliable mechanic, Roger, from a nearby Petron gas station assured the hubby that it can still travel up to Baguio and back and swears by its good Japan made engine, and we are glad just glad.

These days even as the Lord has proven His grace towards us through tangible and intangible things alike,I know even this is no biggie for Him.We just choose to trust Him in everything and give Him back the glory every time.There is just no way for us to ever outgive Him.We are plain grateful and we press on doing what we do for His glory.

Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Trusty Old Car
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