Manuals Are Really Helpful

Yesterday I set up the wireless adapter for my mother-in-law’s CPU and since last night, they have been able to enjoy the same internet connection we have here at home, thanks to our router and the booster antenna we placed on the wireless adapter which increased the wireless connection their CPU could get by 30%. The adapter actually has been set up for the week now but the wireless signal available was not enough to reach their CPU’s location. The manual on the CD that came with the adapter was very helpful indeed.


Did you know that there is an manual,, that sells Easy AS My PC Kits. If you want to build a PC you can with their kits that has everything you’ll need to build your own computer, written in plain English with lots of illustrations. Their upgrade kits are also available for those wanting to just upgrade their computer’s RAM or CPU. Visit their site now.

Manuals Are Really Helpful

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