Breaking Point Program at GPDPHS

Jive Youth is the name of youth group in church. The hubby is busy with several activities lately as follow up programs after the Heroes Summer Camp that commenced last week of April.

Yesterday the hubby teamed up with Bro. Erwin as the latter conducted the first day of Basic Acting Workshop. I only got to see a few videos and photos and I can say the youth had a real great time. This coming month, another program will again be hosted by Breaking Point Foundation, which the hubby also directs, this time it will be held at General Pio del Pilar National High School.

The Breaking Point team has already conducted the same program last year. But given that there were limited students who were able to witness the program in full and a new batch of students will be coming in as freshmen, we were again invited back for a repeat. The program that we have focuses on how the students can break through peer pressure. Conditioning them right from the large group presentation up to the time the students will break out and go to their respective classrooms. Discussion and workshops will be conducted by two volunteers each room.

The hubby will again be ultra busy gathering up volunteers to train and retrain. Training is necessary for volunteers to get a full grasp of what the ministry is about. A security compliance of sorts to protect the integrity of the program. He has probably acquired this from the former president and founder of Breaking Point International, Pastor Steve Thompson. Preparation are needed to be done from the program itself to the follow up of students who will be making decisions to have personal relationships with Christ. Dealing with the youth of today requires dynamics and we are not able to do all these without the Lord’s hand upon us. Thus we ask for your continued support and prayers.

Breaking Point Program at GPDPHS

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