Shopped for a New Bed and Selling Our Old One

Yay! The hubby and I just got home from shopping for a new memory foam bed! It’s going to be delivered tomorrow. Even as the thrill of having this new bed build up, I know we have one problem to take care of  getting rid of our old Salem bed and its frame. We are thinking of doing a garage sale, but I am also considering having it up for auction on eBay. Although, it’s not in perfect shape, I know it could still sell judging from the items I see in online auctions.

Why eBay? eBay sells, that’s for sure. Browse around its page and you will find the most interesting things being sold. Some at incredible low prices, others at unbelievable staggering ones. Can you believe that someone sold his mother online for $300?!


Did you know that in November 2005, the original Tinseltown landmark “HOLLYWOOD” was sold for $450,400 in an online auction in eBay? That site was first put up in 1923 at the cost of $21,000 and was originally spelled out “HOLLYWOODLAND” primarily to promote that place to development. It was in the year 1949 when the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to take out the last four letters.

I know of a person who diligently posts on eBay and actually sells his items fast. This is because he has a high feedback score. If you are a seller in eBay, you will know how much this counts. If you want to get busy getting your items sold in no time, you have got to be backed by iSold It. They are the number 1 seller on eBay. All you have to do is drop your items off at their local stores and watch them sell.

Shopped for a New Bed and Selling Our Old One
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