A Nanny Nightmare


The hubby and I agreed during our talks these past days that we will indeed homeschool our child. We hope to soon get in contact with the School of Tomorrow staff and know more of the things we need to do to equip ourselves for the task. I cannot see yet the possibility of the church that the hubby pastors living out its dream of putting up its preschool any time soon. We are still in search of the location to transfer to.


If ever things do not turn out as planned, we will really have to settle to get a nanny for our little guy. This, I might just resent. It is probably because of the bad nanny experience the first time I took in one when the son was just over a year old. Imagine, I saw with my own eyes how she purposefully hit my son with a balloon stick and the gall of the girl to vehemently deny it. It was an awful experience. I remember a former officemate sharing me her own nanny story when she installed a hidden spy camera.and on that very day she saw for herself how her barely a year old son was badly treated as she viewed from the video capture how this bad nanny would eat chips all day on the couch leaving her son to do nothing but cry in the crib.

As a family, we are really praying for God’s plan for us in this area. I know we are going to have to decide on this very soon. And sooner or later we might just need to take in a nanny. I heard of a nanny seminar from one of groups in yahoo and it just might come in handy when that time comes.

A Nanny Nightmare

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