Tuesday Toot: The Wonderful Week that Was

I have missed last Tuesday’s toot, even if there was a great deal of things to toot about, I just had to miss it. I was then on a vacation up in the Northern mountains of Benguet Province having the time of my life with my family. The hubby and I meant to get a prepaid WiFi connection that we could make use of with our trusty laptop when we get there. Even if we had the WiFi connection, there is but limited places up in that province where WiFi connection is available. In hindsight, it was good. We were compelled to stay out of the blogosphere and enjoy nature with our family.


Check out these entries on our trip:

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    And the ultimate tooting news of all, at least for me and my family that made the vacation all the more timely. All those domestic juggling of keeping house, having a toddler to attend to, having this work from home career plus studying at the same time all paid off. What made it so much sweeter is, my passing the board was seriously UNEXPECTED. I got sick in the middle of review, thus my inability to attend the classes that we paid for, which is not cheap. If that wasn’t enough, I even got hospitalized. So tell me, how on earth could anyone expect to pass such a gruesome exam. For which, I give God all glory and praise. 🙂


    I took the board April 6 and the result came out May 2. Here are my entries on my passing the board:

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  • Tuesday Toot: The Wonderful Week that Was

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