The 5th Annual MommyFest

Monday – May 12, 2008

Guest Speaker: Carrie Lauth
Topic: Breastfeeding FAQs

Guest Speaker: Dr. Diep Nguyen
Topic: How to Prevent Still Birth

Guest Speaker: Barbara Winters
Topic: The Joys of Adoption

Tuesday – May 13, 2008

Guest Speaker: Annette Yen
Topic: Home Schooling Basics

Guest Speaker: Melitsa Avila
Topic: Activities Moms Can Do with Their Little Ones

Guest Speaker: Aurelia Williams
Topic: How to Speak to Your Child so They Listen

Wednesday – May 14, 2008

Guest Speaker: Kelly McCausey
Topic: How Moms Can Use the Internet to Break Out of The “Mommy Box”

Guest Speaker: Tracy Roberts
Topic: Do’s and Don’ts of Family Traveling

Guest Speaker: Val Selby
Topic: Exercise and Weight Loss for Moms

Thursday – May 15, 2008

Guest Speaker: Cara Mirabella
Topic: Best Housekeeping Secrets

Guest Speaker: Alyssa Avant
Topic: The Advantages of an Organized Life

Friday – May 16, 2008

Guest Speaker: Marie Ynami
Topic: Fun and Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea

Guest Speaker: Teresa Smolinski
Topic: Encouraging Your Kids in Business

Guest Speaker: Vera Raposo
Topic: Bringing Your Small Business to the Net

The 5th Annual MommyFest

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