Tres Marias



One of the gazillion of photos we took from our little guy’s third birthday celebration. More shots coming later. Little sister treated us in Barrio Fiesta. Thanks sissy! You are always generous with everything that you have. We appreciate you. One of the first things she made sure that I have with me when I hopped in their Hilux 4×4 was if I have our camera with me. Surely, I told her.

There’s just no stopping this girl when it comes to taking pictures. Nothing will get in her way. This shot is from her mobile phone.  We both sandwiched dear mother in this shot. I was telling dear mom that she has got to start using those anti-wrinkle creams because the lines are really starting to show when I checked out our photos. At her age, even if she could pass for one of those candidates of life insurance no medical exam that I see advertised on the papers, I still believe it is possible for her to take good care of her skin and look the groovy lola that she is.

Tres Marias

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