Travel Musings


Who would have thought that an old car such as the California that the hubby drives can travel up to Baguio and back again? It was a total blessing that we were able travel even though this was picked from amongst other used cars several years back by our mother church. The Corolla that the hubby used to drive was no longer available for us to use in the ministry, it was his mom’s. The older car proved to be of assistance since.

image.jpgOur family surely enjoyed our time up in Baguio and if I were given a choice I would pick to stay there over this city in a heartbeat. The heat and humidity really drives me crazy. One of the fun things we learned is that it is so cheap to live up there. Since produce came from there, the prices of goods are way inexpensive. We were all stunned when we were offered by vendors of 4 big heads of broccolis for PhP 35 (approx. 83cents) and a bag full of carrots for PhP10 (approx. 25cents). Plus the yummy fact that we could have all the strawberries we want at price that’s also a steal. Different regions, the same country with such diverse purchasing power for the same currency, odd huh? I know there are several factors to this. I really just can’t help but scratch my head in frustration wonder sometimes.

Travel Musings

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