Our Little Guy’s 3rd Birthday

When I found out that this year’s mother’s day will coincide with our little guy’s third birthday, I was giddy. I knew we weren’t preparing anything grand. No parlor games, no fancy loot bags this time, but I was thrilled nevertheless because this birthday boy shows more excitement and is now able to get a grasp of birthdays and celebrations and he actually looked forward to his birthday gifts, cakes and all the works. His first birthday, did not have that effect on him, regardless of how grand we made it for him.

Here are some of the photos taken from the morning he woke up and opened his gifts until the celebration we had at Barrio Fiesta, sponsored by his ever loving favorite Tita Ninang Rose.

img_5144.JPG img_5146.JPG img_5153.JPG





img_5243.JPG img_5244.JPG


Our Little Guy’s 3rd Birthday

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