Three of My Fave Shots

These are three of my favorite shots from our vacation in Baguio. I have always loved strawberries. And even if I did not actually get to pick those little darlings myself, I love the fact that I actually beheld more than just a handful for my eyes to feast upon. We drove to La Trinidad where the famous strawberry farm was and we just loved the place. It was practically the same from the roads to the shops that are all over the place from the time I remember it when we were last there several years ago — and I’m glad. Not that I do not like progress, because you see, the roads could really use one. But I just love the feeling of going back to a familiar place.

These shots were taken by the hubby from our A620 on manual setting and boy did he capture them all perfectly — just like those of the commercials. Now, we both are back into our love to learn more on photography. It was great that our camera came back to life after accidentally taking a quick dip when the hubby jumped on the pool with it when we were in Astoria Hotel last week. 🙂





rows of strawberry wines

Three of My Fave Shots
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