From Drapes to Blinds

Before we left for Baguio, I did a general cleaning of our home. For a work from home mom like me, who is also on her way to earning her Masteral degree but unwilling to give up being the domestic goddess that I am, I figured I would have to shift to using blinds in our home. This would be alongside to shifting to convenience living even as we have no plans of taking in a household help to assist us.

As I was going through the best design for blinds, I found the best one that would suit my taste more than just its being low maintenance. I saw that Select Natural Wood Shades would best fit our living area. I love the fact that it’s not cloth, so the ease of maintenance is a given already. It also can be upgraded with  valance at no extra cost. It is very affordable and I love the design. I would have to get these things done when I get back home. This will allow convenience and I will be most efficient when basic decisions in the house such as this is given priority. All those time putting things off can really pile up and a lot of time not maximized, resulting to low efficiency.

From Drapes to Blinds

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