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This is our a little more than six year old black four burner La Germania gas range. If I would be given a choice I would have this sold and have myself a model that’s one level up. Not that it is in a bad shape or anything, because it’s actually in pretty good shape. It’s just that I could better do more with the other one and actually get better grills and cakes which I love doing.

I know it’s not easy to sell things like these. Because chances are, I don’t get the best deal for my item because there is just no enough exposure. The easiest and neatest way to sell is through iSold It. I save time and I get the best deal. I know for a fact that there are several household making do of even keeping white elephants right inside their homes for reasons of not knowing better. This is just a relief for us housemakers. We can actually rid our household from things that we don’t use and make use of the proceeds to buy what we will really make use of.

iSold It

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