The Concept of Death in the Mind of Our Two Year Old Son

I don’t know where our little guy got the concept of death. I bet it would be from the soap operas dear mother religiously watches. And he has been with my folks very often, especially during those times that I was struck with illness. Lately, he has been playing dead and as playful as he projects and acts it out, both the hubby and me felt concerned and wondered if he could get a grasp of how serious “death” is and how ready is his young mind to receive such profound ideas.

Last night as I was in the washroom brushing my teeth, I heard the hubby tell a story to our son of a father and a son and how they had so much fun, riding the pick up truck, playing soccer, etc. But later the father has to go when he died. Our little guy was all attention to the story. I have never seen his eyes so attentive. The hubby then creatively interjects God’s plan of salvation through the story. When the hubby was done with the story, the little guy’s face was square to say the least, keeping himself from crying.

In his young age of barely three years old, he is able to grasp things and I pray in time he will choose to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

The Concept of Death in the Mind of Our Two Year Old Son

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