Filtering Free Radicals from Our Home

One of the first things we prioritized to purchase before our son was born was an air purifier. It was back in 2005 when we were renting an apartment in the ground floor of a four storey building and ventilation was not at its prime. This is especially a necessity in our home, the hubby has aversion over smokes, smog and any airborne free radicals. His allergic reactions manifest through incessant coughing and hard of breathing.


The latest in technology now is the ultraviolet air purifiers. Anyone could possibly be taken aback by the UV term, but the truth of the matter is UV light has to hit your skin to hurt you. UV air purifiers actually effectively kill germs, dust, allergens, etc. from the air. With all the various free radicals around us, this has become a must to every household. I have been seeing this more and more especially in the doctors clinics I frequent recently.

Filtering Free Radicals from Our Home

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