WS: The Weekend that Was

The hubby came home Friday night and were we glad. He was tired as expected, it was a long week for him at the camp in Tarlac. We all went together to the doctors I had to see first thing the following morning. We could have left the little guy back home, but five days were way too long already for the son and his father to not spend time together.

Here are some snapshots from our day. I took this shot from my mobile when we were waiting for the doctor to arrive. The hubby just had to doze off, he still felt tired and really could use all the power naps he could get. The little guy would try to wake him up as he throws him kisses.


I had to wait in line, as usual, for the lab procedures, so they had to roam around the place. I saw my two guys like this when I stepped out of the laboratory department, where a med tech extracted a vial full of my blood for ALT, AST and Creatinine Testing. I had to tell them to freeze and then I snapped my loyal cam phone.


I was instructed to come right back after five hours for the result, so we decided to go to the Makati church to leave the sound system that was used at the camp. Our little guy was able to have his nap on the way to Makati and while we waited at the car for his papa to finish setting up the sound system along with his guys. It was one full hour of sleep for our little one. We still have a couple more hours to kill until the lab result was ready for pick up, so we decided to hit the nearest mall and the nearby Serendra Park.

It has been a long time since we went to that place. We saw lots of people with their families and friends. It’s such a fun place to relax and just be. Our little guy sure had so much fun. There was a spot where the word R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R was spelled in ice, where most of the kids lingered longer than usual. I was thinking maybe there was something I was missing. I remember trying to recall if there was an upcoming movie of that title. Anyway, the kids sure had fun with the “cool” letters.




WS: The Weekend that Was

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