On Blogging Hiatus

I have been sick since the other day, thus the non-updated blogs of mine. The hubby isn’t even here to make the updates himself, what’s worse is I was almost rushed (again!) to the emergency room, but thank God that even as my mom was packing my stuff, I started to feel better. I was breathing heavily and my doctor advised me to go to the E.R. fast because I might just have a cardiac arrest brought about by the toxicity of the drugs I took. It turned out it was more than just an allergic reaction, but a toxic one. It’s a brand new drug I was introduced to and despite the desensitizing attempts, I was still not able to take it. This is the second time for the week. I guess my body has began to expel all those synthetic big time drugs once and for all and have labeled them toxic of sorts. I am still suffering from edema all over, worse than what I had when I was about to give birth, but it has lessened a tad since yesterday, because I can already type and text message without pain but the thing is I still cannot walk without “the ouch.”

 I have two reasons why I tried to keep from being hospitalized again. First, since my last hospitalization (last month) was because of allergic reaction from prescription drugs and had all my yearly limit used up, this time around if ever I get hospitalized, it will all be shouldered by us. And we honestly have no emergency money to use for that. I thought of having a credit card balance transfer so that I can use the full amount of my limit, when worse comes to worst and I really have to be confined again. Anyway, by God’s grace I was able to make it and although everything in the house can be awfully chaotic because of my circumstance.

It was good my parents are living close by to attend to my son, if ever I wouldn’t have known what to do when I suddenly pop into that bad a fever again. My temperature went up to 39 degrees Celsius and won’t come down to its normal level until after more than 12 hours of trying to manage with pills and sponge baths. I was almost delirious! Second reasons is, I wouldn’t want to be held in a hospital room again for days more than I should -which they are famous for. That was what they did on my last confinement. They extended my stay because the doc failed to visit me for 2 days!

 Needless to say, I was bed bound for more than 24 hours since. I was glad to finally be able to watch Oprah again after probably decades of not being able to watch the show! It was an interesting episode and found out anyone could actually get their FICO score over the internet and when I actually tried it myself, it’s true. People can even avail of first time credit cards even if they have fico scores of below 500. It is good to be aware of these things before availing oneself of any credit card, this will help them in the long run. I was also able to watch American Idol, it can be fun watching the television from time to time, but I sure missed blogging more than anything else. 24 hours is just too much for me too keep away from. I probably would have to go see with my doctor tomorrow. It’s good that the hubby will arrive before the day ends. He will be preaching any moment now, his message title is: “Making Sacrifices, Making Commitments.” talk to challenge all those campers, approx.600 of them. Keep him in your prayers too.

On Blogging Hiatus

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