Weekend Snapshot: Happy Together



I intended to stay within hubby’s arm’s reach for full twenty four hours since he came back from Tarlac last Friday, and that I did. We first planned to leave the little guy home when I had to go check with my doc in the morning, but decided to have him tag along since this is the only day he could be with his father and won’t get to be with him until the second week of camp comes to an end this coming Friday.

When he first arrived last Friday, he was dead tired that he hardly told me stories, he hit the sack at eight in the evening, like that of a baby’s bed time. I can only imagine all the stress he’d been through. But it was a different story the day after, no one can stop him from narrating all those experiences he had with all the various characters at camp. The challenges, fun and then some. I have been told from here and there that he did an excellent job and I would ask him why he won’t tell me that. All he tells me is he feels that the people in his various committees probably found him too strict. I would tend to think that he might just have kept in him his Corps Commander gait, but with grace and maturity. It’s going to be another long week for all of us but we continue to pray that things will turn out great in this week’s camp roundup as well as it did the first week. 🙂

Weekend Snapshot: Happy Together

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