Sick Again!


I had no clue whatsoever what paper tablets were, until I was told to take my medications gradually starting late last month in small doses to the required daily amount. The doctors had to desensitize me of sorts to the medicine/s that I was allergic to. I got hospitalized last month from the life threatening allergic reactions I had, brought about by the medicine.


And yesterday was the day! After taking the last dose of the paper tablets, which came in from .5mg, 1mg, 2mg up to 400mg (I took in 30 minute intervals each), I first felt my eyes heavy and I checked from the mirror, indeed my eyes were bloodshot. It didn’t take long until my temperature soared to 38.5 degrees Celsius. It was horrible. I was again shaking from chills and no paracetamol would tame my fever. Right from the beginning, I was given instructions what to do in the event that I won’t be able to tolerate the medication despite the attempted desensitizing process and after taking the anti-allergic meds, I was out and slept until I felt so hot I was sweating profusely. I was no longer as lethargic.


All the while I thought I would be able to watch the CSI series that the hubby and I used to watch every Sunday. We have come to look forward to the usual scenes from Las Vegas hotels in their episodes, which frankly make our own SOCO series look way ridiculous. The hubby can be quite a critic when he compares how funny the local episodes tend to be. I have a few favorite episodes from CSI, one of which has two of its crime scenes in some Vegas Hotels and the antagonists were into some Las Vegas hotels deals. Every episode from CSI is really unpredictable. I guess this maybe one of the reasons why they have bagged several awards to date. Maybe next Sunday I will be able to catch the series. Hopefully I won’t be in anti-histamine drug then and I won’t be knocked out early to sleep. I am again off to see my dear doctors again tomorrow. Sweet! Agh! I really am so tired of seeing them week after week.

Sick Again!
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