Heroes Youth Camp ’08 (Week 1) Photos

The pictures the hubby showed me spoke for themselves. I am so jealous and it saddens me that I had to stay behind again this year. I will have to stay healthy this year so there will be no more medical reasons for me to be left behind for next year’s camp event. Hubby has told me tons of stories, especially those of the challenges from preparation to the pack up day. Toxic. One word to sum it all up. I’m amazed he has everything it takes to take everything in. God’s grace, nonetheless. Praise God that He say him through it all.

Contrary to the first report in one of my previous posts, they actually rented eleven buses this year! And that’s only for the first week. It’s good that bus companies of these days provide accident insurance, which covers each person who rides their buses. I remember back in the days when I used to be one of the campers, there wasn’t any. We’re actually going forward and it’s good.

Praise God for the 222 professions of faith out of the 575 who attended last week’s camp! 🙂

Here are some photos from last week’s camp event:


Stage Backdrop by the ingenious AIM (Arts in Ministry)


Delegates from SBC-Makati where the hubby pastors


Praise and Worship

img_4471.jpg img_4474.jpg

Hand Mime (black light)


The Campers posing for their group’s entry on The Photo Hunt game


Another Photo Hunt Entry

Heroes Youth Camp ’08 (Week 1) Photos

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