The Hubby is Back Home!

Both me and our little guy are thrilled to welcome back the hubby! He is actually here and he looked extra handsome when I saw him right outside our door, but he also looked a lot thinner too πŸ™ I figured it could be the stress. Our son would not stop jumping with joy upon the arrival of his father to the time he got inside the house. From our garage he would shout with so much joy and call me, “Mama, Papa is here! Papa is here!” (I can’t anymore count the number of times he shouted with glee)

Of course, I know it would only be a couple of days then he will have to go back to Tarlac and get on to oversee the second week come Monday. The first thing that he handed me is his loads of dirty clothes one of those neat custom t-shirts that they give out at camp. I hope that we will be able to maximize our time with him today, for tomorrow he will have to preach the whole day. What we could actually apply here is the delayed gratification of the “Marshmallow Test.” After all, when he comes back from Tarlac, we will soon be off to Baguio. Woohoo! πŸ™‚

The Hubby is Back Home!

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