My Past Job as a Foreign Exchange Consultant

When people come to me and ask me if there was anything in my previous jobs from the corporate world that I ever miss, I just give them a smile and tell them that they are not missed but merely remembered. I will never exchange everything that I have now for anything from my past or any potential riches that I might have had from any of it.



One of the better things that I recall was learning to trade foreign currencies for the clients that I used to have. It was hard enough to get them to invest $10,000 but the challenge is have the investment yield from the volatility of the foreign exchange market. I had to watch out for the market if it’s going bullish or otherwise before giving the clients advise on whether to buy or sell their positions. It can be exciting! One site that can help investors review strategies of similar nature is they even have a contest running now that allows fellow investors to Win $1000 with FinGad.

My Past Job as a Foreign Exchange Consultant

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