Some Thoughts on Stewardship

As we celebrate our abode’s very first year today, we are reminded that first of all, God is faithful. The second thing that came to my mind is stewardship. As a family, how are we doing as stewards of what He has entrusted us.


One year ago today, all we did was relish the newness of our new home, the busyness of moving homes got the better of us on most days but after a while it all dawned on both the hubby and me that even as we had our house contents back when we were still renting apartments insured, we should all the more avail of a home insurance now that we now call this place our own. And we did just that. But along the way we had to consider our finances. The insurance premium for the whole house and its contents is a tad higher than what we used to pay when we were still renting apartments.

I wish I could tell you that being a homeowner is as easy as it sounds. I’s not. One of the first thing we had to consider now that we are the ones responsible in maintaining the house, repairs big and small is how we manage our money. We had to lay things out on the table and give up some of our credit cards for us to be able to manage all the things we need to pay on a monthly basis.


These are just a few of the benefits. Having all these available for us, even through this site, I know I would have to maximize and learn more using this as a tool and seriously start saving especially now that our son is on his way to preschool in the next twelve months. The hubby and I have agreed that there will be no grand birthday celebration for our little guy this year. He is soon to turn three this coming month, and rather save anything that we can for this purpose.

Some Thoughts on Stewardship

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