My Groovy Momma

I was confined in the hospital, with my mother as my company, when Pacquiao and Marquez had their fight in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last March 16, Manila time. I remember my mother getting all ablaze over the whole fight, while I was knocked out and would doze off in between fights.

At 62, she is just so full of energy over such a sport. It fascinates me big time. I was just talking to her this morning and she was really thrilled to report to me that up to now Dela Hoya is still fighting at his age. My dear mother would just go on and on about the fascinating place Mandalay Bay is. She was just there last year and she hopes to go back and visit again this year. I’m sure with the boxing fanatic my groovy mother is, she would grab ahold of those Mayweather vs De La Hoya tickets in a heartbeat when she gets the chance.

I have never seen anyone who could be more passionate with boxing as my mother is. I just needed to blog about this, I’m sure you don’t get to meet an old lady everyday with such zest for boxing as much as my mom is.

My Groovy Momma

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