We’re Going to Baguio!!!

The hubby left for camp in the wee hour of three last Monday. It feels weird to be a single parent, at least that’s how I feel this last couple of days. Our little guy was able to speak with the hubby over the phone at breakfast this morning and he just just keeps telling his father, “Papa will stay here(?)” and the hubby will assure him that Papa will be back home on Friday.


Come to think of it, Monday was only two days ago, but it seems so long already. Two more days and we’ll get to see him. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then again, he would have to leave again the following Monday for the second roundup of the Heroes Youth Camp. Last weekend, we were offered an opportunity by a relative through my father that we can occupy a place in Baguio for free. I got giddy with excitement as I told this to the hubby. I know it’s not like a royal caribbean kind of vacation, but it is still something we are so looking forward to. The last time I went to Baguio was during the first two years of our marriage and our little guy wasn’t around yet. It has been at least four years and it would be such a break from the scorching heat we have here in the city. I know it might just not be all that cool up there but at least the sun won’t hurt as much as it does here.


I wonder what its like now up there after all those years. I would love to show our little guy around that cool, breezy city. I know the place has become commercialized of sorts. But I am still looking forward nonetheless. I also hope we get to visit Benguet and pick those yummy strawberries. I just remember the wonderful place that it was. This is such a needed break for all of us. Especially for the hubby who has working day and night, almost sleeping on three winks. He has been so busy like a horse and this will be a timely blessing he could relish on. I am just amazed how the Lord provides things even this kind of relaxation in the most unexpected times from the most unexpected people. We do not know who the owner of the house we are to live in and the offer was not something we asked for. He truly uses people to be channels of blessings in our lives.

When the Bible said that God’s blessings are new every morning, up to now I still haven’t gotten a clear grasp of it, because the Lord just gets better at it every time that even if I am expectant of that blessing that comes everyday, I am still surprised when it comes. That would be one full week of blogging haitus for me and one welcome break. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’re Going to Baguio!!!

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