Tuesday Toot: Closet Task

Sunday evening I finally got my son’s closet sorted! Geez! It took me so long. This has been a pending task for me to do since forever. (*Exaggeration*) I have to do this sorting business at least every couple of months because he does grow up very fast. With the petite girl that his mom is (present!), and his father, just the average Filipino guy size, we have such a big guy. At 2 months, he was wore 6 month old onesies and at two years old, he’s wearing shirts and pants good for a four year old kid.


It is such a fulfillment to be able to do these simple tasks. I find myself just putting it off every time because it can be trivial, you know, and besides I find myself needing to do other “significant” tasks. But it does feel good to take out those shirts and stuff from his closet without having to dig in anymore. 🙂

Tuesday Toot: Closet Task

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