The Real Estate Search

I recently chatted with a former disciplee and a dear friend of mine. She told me that she will soon tie the knot with her beloved who also used to be a part of my small group around ten years ago. I have missed this girl so much and in the short exchanges that we had I felt her pour out her heart’s desires. I have again recommitted myself to be with her as we pray for her concerns.


One of her desires is to get a hold of a rent to own place for her family before she gets married. Checking out real estate sites and companies, whether government or private, can really be taxing. We should know, the hubby and I must have searched far and wide before we finally got our house constructed. If you’re elsewhere, not from this side of the world and a real estate in Austin, Texas is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out A similar network could have come in handy then when we needed it.

The Real Estate Search

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