Enjoying My Son

One of the reasons why the hubby and I have succeeded in implementing those Babywise principles is that I have been privileged to look after my son as a work from home mom. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way. We tried getting a nanny during the time I attempted to go right back to the corporate world, but saw right before my eyes the danger of keeping one. I actually witnessed her hit my son, when he was just playing hide and seek with her. I was on the phone then and she probably thought I didn’t see her (there was a divider in between the rooms we were in and she can’t see me from where I was). It was horrible! I only got to work then for a couple of months and I was told by my Obstetrician to have a complete bed rest because there was a danger that I will miscarry. And I did and that was my second miscarriage. It did hurt, but in hindsight it did us all good that I got to come back to my primary role — which is to take care of my family.

It was not easy, there were times I had to defend our ways with the way old people do it. I had to explain to my folks at first because I would sometimes leave our son with them, but they later saw the benefits and came to embrace the principles behind everything we do. There will be hints here and there of them patronizing our son more than they have to. But in general, we are a team even as we all see the benefits of the Babywise principles in the life of our child.

Today as I gave our little guy his bath at noon time, we had fun! I was just reminded of this blessing as we both giggled away as he enjoyed his bath. At one time I figured I could use a bath lift so it would be safer. He could really get really energetic and you know how slippery a tub can get. I’m really enjoying every moment, because believe it or not, this little guy who hasn’t even turned three years old have got his ways to scream out his need for independence — from going to the toilet, getting down from it, wearing his clothes, brushing his teeth, et al. My every attempt to help him would be met by his remarks, “No! Big Boy will can do it.” At two years old, huh! Tell me where would I be when he turns three.

Enjoying My Son
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