Off To Camp Soon

This next two weeks starting Monday, I’ll be gone to Capas, Tarlac for our summer youth camp. It will be a very busy two weeks as I’ll be overseeing the 600-650 delegates from different churches each week (April 15-18 and 22-25). We are praying that participants who don’t have a personal relationship with Christ yet would make decisions for God this next two weeks. Also, we pray that those whom God is calling to serve as pastors or missionaries would surrender to God in this youth camp.


But, I ‘ll be missing my wife and my son badly. Too bad there’s no internet connection at the camp site. I was hoping to at least be able to chat online and see my family through web cam. I will be missing the comfort of my home, the play times with Jed and Jen’s sweetness.


I ask for every brother and sister in Christ to pray for me and the other pastors and counselors at our upcoming youth camp as we lead and shepherd a generation of youth that will be hearing God’s word for three days and have fun doing it. I thank you all in advance.

Off To Camp Soon

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