Preparing for Our Son’s Preschool Education

Approximately twelve more months – that’s all we have left to prepare for our son’s preschool education. In the midst of our health issues, even the current worldwide food crisis with every consumable product prices going up, it is just impossible for us to start saving up for that.  The hubby and I have been seriously considering to homeschool our son with the curriculum from School of Tomorrow (formerly known as Accelerated Christian Education) which will be cheaper, to the tune of PhP18,000 (approx.$450) rather than to get him enrolled in a school with a similar curriculum which would roughly be PhP40,000 (approx.$1,000). Other progressive schools even have higher tuition fees. Wherever we choose to enroll him in, we really have to start filling up his savings account for this very purpose.

Preparing for Our Son’s Preschool Education
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