Heroes Youth Camp – Our Preparation, Anticipation and Hope

The hubby left early today. He went to the camp site in Tarlac to take care of last minute details for the Heroes Youth Camp that will start this coming Tuesday. As early as now, we have been telling our son that papa needs to leave on Monday and will not be home until Friday. It’s funny how my son would insist, with a tone that says “please say yes” that he will also go to Tarlac with his papa on Monday. I took advantage and taught him the days in a week, telling him that papa will have to leave early Monday even though camp officially starts Tuesday, because he is overseeing the whole event and won’t be back until Friday. With our little guy knowing how to count, he counted the days in between Monday and Friday, you should see the look in his eyes and disbelief that he will not be seeing his father that long.


Mt.Peniel Camp Site

This is the time of the year that we have got to get used to. I miss going to camp, the last time I went was three years ago. I thought I would be able to join this year but our illnesses have made it impossible to do so. We are thrilled as we anticipate, amidst the busyness of the preparation, on what the Lord is going to do this year. Boy! Do I pity the hubby when he would often zone out on me lately-not in a frazzled kind of way, because that would be me, 🙂 overwhelmed with the things he has yet to do.

We pray for hundreds of young people’s souls to get revived and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. You won’t believe the problems young people go through these days. I believe that the follow up activity for that camp is of equal importance. I may not be able to help the hubby out in this event physically, but I will be here right at home praying that the Lord’s hand be upon every aspect of this Evangelistic Camp.

Heroes Youth Camp – Our Preparation, Anticipation and Hope

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