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One of the first few things that our friend had us do when this site was still in its infancy stage was to get it listed in free web directories. He gave me a long list and it sure was at first taxing but I saw the importance of which in the following days and months when my statistics and rankings came back to us higher and better.

Dirmania is a free web directory site that gives quality advertising. There are just about tons out there and this one gets you listed in the appropriate category where you get your sites listed for free. I still have to get the rest of my site listed in very soon.

It is just of utmost importance that when one gets his site listed that the proper title, readable description is filled in. This is the neatest way to promote your website and Dirmania gives you that great internet directory. Take note that what they give you is direct links, of course they would have to maintain quality by putting all those submissions into queue and have them reviewed first before acceptance. How about you, have you gotten your site listed to this free web directory yet?

This Site is Listed

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