My Blogging Journey

When the hubby and I got our own domain December of last year, one of the things that I was concerned about was our blog’s layout and design. A friend then referred an seo blog which gave a tutorial on search engine optimization as well as web designing. gives a lot of information about these concerns that bloggers would love to know more about.

As a newbie blogger then, I had to crawl my way just like what an infant does towards each milestone and each and every discovery gave me such thrill. Stylishdesign even gives bloggers information on internet marketing, improving the odds to get a pagerank, which by the way, did not ring a bell to me when I was still new at blogging but soon found out that it does have its value and perks.

I know I still have a long way to go and some terminologies on blogging still sound foreign to me but I sure am learning the ropes little by little. With the partnership the hubby and I have, I sure have learned a lot from his analytical nature. I used to just do nothing but blog, now I have started to tweak our other sites here and there, not much but I will get there.

My Blogging Journey

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