Tuesday Toot: “Me Time” at the Gym

Dear sister has been bugging me to go to Fitness First with her since early last week. It was for me something I don’t have time for. She’s very persistent (a.k.a. “kulit”) in texting and sending me YM msgs, even when I ignore her messages. First off, working out has never had such attraction to me. Second, I have so much to do here at home doing business and otherwise. But she got me anyway and I complied. I figured it can be a fun double date, besides mother gave us the thumbs up when sister asked in my behalf, if I could leave big boy with her. Our hubbies tagged along and we just had so much fun!


I love the AB bench and the crunch machine. I did not last ten minutes on both the treadmill and the stair climber! I just did not see why I had to pressure myself to finish the 20 minutes sister has set on both machines for me, unlike that of the AB bench and the crunch machine, I knew this was what I need and I love every second of it. I used to do 200 crunches when I was younger until my scoliosis got so bad I had to stop it altogether. Sis and I also had a blast and lasted more than 30 minutes in the sauna room. We tried going inside the steam room but it would kill me if I forced myself in there. It was crazy hot!


And you guessed it right, we got so hungry after the workout that we had to eat aplenty — and all those shed calories came right back in! (we had the best Kare-Kare from Chicken Bacolod and chicken skin — both packed with bad cholesterol) Who cares! I did not go to the gym to shed anything off anyway. But it sure was a relaxing time and it would have been a perfect meditation spot if there were wind chimes inside the sauna. I just wanted to have fun! And was it ever! Thanks Sissy! **kisses**

Tuesday Toot: “Me Time” at the Gym

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