Poverty in the Philippines

In the year 2003 alone, 23.8 million people lived below the threshold of poverty here in the Philippines.This number is truly overwhelming.With the worldwide shortage of rice, which is the staple food of our country, at this point I have no idea whatsoever what our great government would apt to do to alleviate our nation’s predicament. Aside from the fact that all we really have is a power hungry leadership, all we can really do is pray and hope that things will turn around for the better.


You could check out the chart for yourselves and see whatever happened to our country.We have definitely lagged behind all our neighboring countries in reducing poverty.This is something that have helped us more than a couple of times when emergency struck.We make sure though, that we settle loans the soonest possible time to keep interest to a minimum.

Even as we feel the effects of prices hiking up, we remain hopeful and as a family continue to claim God’s promise that He will sustain us.

Poverty in the Philippines

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