A Prayer Request

Our church, which we started almost five years ago, is now in the process of looking for a new place to rent within the same area we are at and that is along Kalayaan Avenue, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. We are praying for a place that is at least 100 square meters with sidewalks that are clear of vendors and not costing higher than P20,000 per month. This is the working budget given to us by our mother church based on our church’s own financial capability. We know that the kind of place and the cost we’re looking for is nearly impossible to find within Makati City where the country’s central  business district is located. But we know that with God there is nothing impossible.

We have also started sending out prayer letters to our friends and we’re praying that they would support our ministry so we can hopefully increase our monthly working budget when supporters commit whatever God burdens them to send to our church for two to three years. This is actually the first time I have raised funds outside our own ministry and I never thought it would be more difficult than I expected. I would need to call the friends we sent letters to and quite frankly voice over ip phone calls would be better for me to use than making regular phone calls because it wouldn’t cost us more than what we’re spending now with our internet connection subscription. We are asking our Christian brothers and sisters who read this to please pray with us as our church looks for a new place and as we try to raise funds for our ministry. Please pray for guidance and wisdom for me in making the right decisions that I would always be sensitive to God’s leading as I lead the flock that God has entrusted.

A Prayer Request

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