A Culinary Dream

Most of my preoccupation lately is of regret that I will not be able to take the board that I applied for and am suppose to take this coming Sunday. With my health condition, hospital confinement and the abrupt cessation of my attendance of review classes just about made everything impossible for me to take the examination.

With this regret, I have been seriously considering going into a culinary school. We are a family who loves to eat and even if I wouldn’t be able to utilize it to establish a career, I could still very much use it right at home and maybe establish a restaurant business that we have always dreamed of, in the future. I have been seeing from the papers the mushrooming of culinary schools and I know with my lack of knowledge in this area, I would have to look into surveys for the good chef school for me to go to. I would love to do all those yummy dishes and venture into food business someday.

A Culinary Dream

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