A Homeowner’s Woe

In the next few days, the foreman who managed our house construction will come visit us and look into the problem that we currently have in our bathroom. As much as I trust the people who constructed our house, I cannot help but wonder why in less than a year, leak has started to show around the concrete where the tub lies on. I figured we should have clarified with them if they were using Precast Concrete in general or not. I have heard that even those Precast Concrete Septic Tanks have a good reputation of being the better choice.


In all those five years of renting an apartment, we have never encountered issues like these. If there were major repairs to be done, then all we needed to do was call on the landlord and have them take care of it. Now that we are homeowners, these issues are for us to settle. I can only hope that the cost of the repair will not be too much. We will soon know.

A Homeowner’s Woe

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