Our Home Project

Since we have become homeowners, it has always been a joy for us to live day to day in our very own abode complete with the works that we only dreamed of back then.We acknowledge all this as God’s grace and we have always been grateful. Although there have been quite a number of challenges lately when the hubby had to change some bathroom fixtures and just recently some major repairs that needed to be done, again in our bathroom area.


We have pretty much have things in place inside our home.We have recently installed some items that would help maximize our 48sqm area and we have already benefited from them. One of our next projects is to prettify our patio. Greens and flowers have always been beauties to behold. With the spring season currently being enjoyed in some parts of the world, I would love to get a glimpse of that and enjoy nature at its finest right from our very own home. 🙂

Our Home Project

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