Bathroom Plumbing Issues

My preoccupation of maintaining the home has come about with the need to have our bathroom fixed.The hubby has contacted the foreman who took over the job and constructed our house last year. We figured he would better know where the problem lies than if we get another set of hands to do the job. Honestly, it is kind of frustrating on our end how a less than a year old house have incurred this kind of issue. I say this because I have an inkling that the job our bathroom needs will not just be of a minor case of repair and it just might hurt our budget especially now that me and our son are under pricey medications.

The leak has started to show around the tub a week ago and I figured the tiles will have to be broken and all those hollow blocks knocked down to get to the pipes and see where the problem lies.The person we contacted is only available this weekend and is scheduled to come check with us then. I am really hoping this gets repaired the soonest.

Bathroom Plumbing Issues

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