Tuesday Toot: Tonka Truck Day

I am a self confessed “kikay” from everything girly, pink and sassy, you can count on me. It’s just me. Although I have mellowed down a tad compared to when I was in my younger years. For one I have not sported French tipped nails for years now and have not dyed my hair since I got prego with my son. Today, I got challenged to tinker with my son’s Tonka Rescue trucks and actually build one from scratch. This cool play-a-sound toy was one of the birthday gifts for our son when he turned two last year. It is designed for 3-year-olds and up, so we did not have it open until today. He will turn 3 in the next couple of months anyway.

img_4172.JPG img_4155.JPG

I know nothing and have no interest whatsoever in these trucks and the likes of it. But I guess when you have a son like I do who loves to wrestle and prioritizes cars, trucks and all those guy things like roughhousing, you really have no choice but to go along with what he loves one way or another. It can get unnatural at first but I eventually got through the ropes of all those guy things and actually enjoy some of them along the way. I say some, because I can never do roughhousing with them, I get easily hurt.



 I was decided to wait for the hubby to come home later tonight and have this stuff assembled but son was just thrilled to play with it and started punching out the perforated area. I figured it could be a fun thing to do, what’s the worse to happen anyway is I mess one truck, I thought there are four more so I could easily get away with it. This Tonka actually has 5 Tonka vehicles which punches out of the big board book to be folded up and be snapped onto the chassis. The chassis knows which body got snapped and actually makes the right sound as the wheels turn. Neat, huh. We worked on one of the five trucks which is a “Searchlight Tonka Truck.” I just love the smile my son had on for hours on end.


It might not seem to be a biggie for most but I find this to be feat being the girly girl that I am, whose more into girly stuff. But if it were a real truck for me to drive, that would be an entirely different story. I have always wanted to drive a nice pick up truck. 🙂

Tuesday Toot: Tonka Truck Day

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