Gone Bald

The heat is definitely on! Mama have been telling me to have dear son’s head shaved so he would be less sweaty. The humidity has worsened a tad and I talked to our son yesterday and he got convinced that he would be okay with it. The last time hubby shaved his head was summer of last year and the buzzing sound of the apparatus just got him bonkers and cried the whole time. Talk about trauma. This time around I got him convinced and he is now a big boy. Turned out he was still my baby after all. He cried half the time his head was being shaved by his papa this afternoon. Allow the photos to speak for themselves. Don’t be fooled, though. As pitiful as the shots look, our little guy instantaneously stops crying every time the apparatus is turned off. He is really just afraid of the loud buzzing sound.


Anticipating what’s to come…

(before the main event)





almost done!



(forcing a smile)

He actually loves how comfortable he now feels. He was all smiles when he first looked at himself in the mirror. I will miss cropping and trimming his hair every couple of weeks but this will be the better “do” for him now. We actually expect our electricity bill to shoot up now that we have our airconditioning on every single day for almost a week now. Global warming has gone really bad. 🙁

Gone Bald
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