Tuesday Toot

When I got an email from Mommy Community that it’s now time for the Tuesday Toot, I got kinda melodramatic. I have been feeling down and out lately and haven’t been in the best moods. Which means I haven’t been the most patient when it comes to my toddler. In fact, I often find myself getting irritated so easily. I’m not sure if it’s due to the plenty of medications I still am taking or just because I have been into too much stress lately. Plus the fact that I still remain like a walking prawn because the allergies all over my body still remain. (I think I’m making progress, though — the rashes have now began to form patches and maps signifying saturation point and will soon fade off, that’s how it works for me at least.)

I honestly feel bad that I can’t be nicer when my son begins to get his usual rowdy self. I should be thankful though that I have a relatively disciplined and real loving son who time and again readily forgives his mama when she asks for it. I asked him to forgive me and he said, “Yes mama, I forgive you.” I guess despite myself, being melodramatic about it and all, this is something to toot about. A reminder for myself to keep my composure — refocus and love the people around me more, especially my son, who I am with 24/7 (almost, that is, if I’m not going to the doc’s clinic lately). I love him more than anything in the world, yet I cannot spare him from myself. The imperfect me. But then again, I am God’s constant-work-in-progress. He is not finished with me yet. I will do better at things, where He has called me to be.

Tuesday Toot

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