Health Insurance for Our Son

My getting hospitalized last week really got me and dear hubby to think about and consider getting a health insurance for our son. Both of us are covered except for our son. We still cannot figure out why despite the many follow ups that we did to inquire on the issue. Our son is turning three in a couple of months and he is still not covered. I have got him covered for more than two years now with accident insurance but that is just not enough. We have recently been made conscious of this fact when we first had him undergo some lab test for his primary complex screening.

I figured the health insurance card the company took in isn’t a very good one or they probably availed of benefits that are not family friendly. If only they considered insurance plans like that of Kaiser health plan which is designed to perfectly fit their clients specific healthcare requirements then we should not be going through the hassles that we now have. Kaiser both has Individual/Family health Insurance and Group Health Insurance plans.

It is just sad that we have to settle to getting our son a separate plan when he should have been covered right from the beginning. I believe the key here, especially for those companies, is to choose the right health insurance plans for their employees to avoid hassles such as this and needless to say, to give their employees what is due theirs to start with.

Health Insurance for Our Son
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