Day2 Confinement Snapshots


One of the hazy shots I took from my cam phone when our son came to visit me at the hospital. As much as I wanted to spare my son from having to step on a hospital, I permitted my sister to bring him along with her and her hubby when they came to visit last Sunday. It was just too long already since I last saw him and by the non-show of two of my doctors to clear me for discharge, I was told by the attending nurses that it is not happening anytime soon. I was right. The two doctors only showed up the day after, which was Monday and the other one Tuesday. So that meant 2 days extended unnecessary hospital stay. This was one of the reasons why I abhor getting confined. I have struggled but lost when hubby and mama won over my hard headedness. I was still bargaining last Friday to have me stay home and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to manage my fever and it will finally go away.



That’s our son befriending one of my room mate’s companion. He’s one social, cheeky big boy. They left around nine in the evening shortly after hubby came back from preaching the whole day at church. Mama took over to accompany me that day. It was also Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Marquez which mama can’t get the fuzz over from, the whole day. She is such a fan!

Despite losing the function of my left hand, I insisted on having my bath every day of my hospital stay. It is probably the most inconvenient thing to do – bathe with just the right arm functioning and an IV inserted on the back of your left palm. I’d have to say that even if I had a walk in tub, it would have been fun but I would very much doubt it would help. But I figured, I gotta do what I gotta do. It just occurred to me how well our bodies adapt to things around us, even these little temporary inconveniences. It made me appreciate the functionality of my left hand all the more when they took off those strings. Total relief!

I never knew how our climate turned for the worse until I stepped out of the hospital! The heat practically ate me up. Summer is definitely here. We have to get our airconditioning unit at home maintained for maximum functionality and we probably once again maximize the use of the tub to immerse in to stay fresh. Although summer is here, nothing will beat the heat of last year’s. I just pray it won’t be as bad.

Day2 Confinement Snapshots
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