Today is another lazy day for a lot of people. It’s another national holiday for our country and another extra day for the family to gather up and enjoy each other. Our family did our traditional cook out and grilled some pork and chicken. Yummy! Read the today’s papers on the update on the disturbance between China and Tibet, some best credit card deals deals and more on entertainment news. Hubs and son slept in the afternoon after doing a task or two on the net. I will post some pictures of our lunch from our patio later. Hubby has been toying with the idea of going on a long drive, but we just found out we’re currently low on funds because of my hospital expenses. Oh well, most resorts and places to go to might just be too crowded as expected. It’s fun enough that we could all be together having fun doing our thing. Maybe tomorrow or the day after we just might figure out a low cost trip or something.

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