Day1 Confinement Snapshots



This is the view from my room. Not bad eh?! It was a nice aerial view from the eleventh floor of Medical City.



One was the regular dextrose and the other one served as the one to dilute the antibiotic they gave me intravenously, which has a story in itself. Come the third day, despite my nurse insisting on still giving me antibiotics that way so I asked to speak with the resident doctor if an alternative oral antibiotic was possible. By that time I only had heplock, because my primary doctor ordered to have my I.V. detached already. She said I won’t be needing it anymore.

When it was time to inject in the antibiotic via I.V., it turned out it is no longer aligned with the vein and the nurse had to attach a new one from my right hand. It was a no-no. First, I was only waiting for one doc then to clear me for discharge, so you could just imagine my eagerness to go home that time. Second, I am right handed person. It’s practically withholding me a whole lot of my functionality. I couldn’t care less about the doc’s “standing orders” as what the nurse said. I know my right. I felt my swollen lymph had subsided a tad and I even no longer have to take pain medications (which the nurse again insisted on me taking, because it was again, “a standing order”) which was altogether ridiculous because for someone who has known pain practically all her life and have regularly taken medications for migraine, month in and month out, I wouldn’t dare say no to a pain reliever when I need it. So there. I had my way. I spoke with the doc and told her my plea and my thoughts were justified. I am a thinking patient, as much as this may be a dismay to the nurse who handled me.


That’s the food hubs and I shared during one of my meals on the first day. Yup, hospital food sucks! Big time this time because I was on a hypo-allergenic diet. I have almost complained to the nutritionist how tasteless the food they serve me on an everyday basis. Since there was nothing I can do to change that, hubby always went out to get the tastiest food from outside and bring it in to share with me, plus I always get to have a treat of banana-mango shake from the Big Chill every meal. So, that tops my every meal. I took all these shots via my mobile phone that’s why most shots are fuzzy. 🙂

Day1 Confinement Snapshots
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