American Gangster

One of the nicer things that happened during my hospital stay was hubby and I were able to do movie marathons from “Lightning,” our ever reliable lappy. We watched National Treasure 1 and 2, and Good Will Hunting. I also watched the movie “Enchanted” for the second time when he was out doing some errands around the hospital. One of my personal favorites among the movies that we have watched recently is American Gangster.

It was a whole new different twist to the usual character of Denzel Washington. I love that movie. Russell Crowe also did a great job in portraying his role. The ending was great, even felt surreal for a movie that is based on a true story. A drug rehab would have added spice to the finale but I guess that would have given an anti-climactic feel to it. It was enough for me that it was a nice change from the usual gangster movie I grew up with, “The Godfather.” The story revolved around a big time drug lord (Washington) and how he went about his business successfully and his journey towards getting caught by a “can’t-buy-me-even-with-a-million-bucks-policeman” Crowe.

American Gangster
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