I’m Back!

I have spent my laziest days of this year in the hospital. Have stayed there from last Friday till early afternoon today. I cannot tell you enough how much I missed blogging and blog hopping too. Thank you my dear friends for all your sweet wishes. Be assured that I have felt the love through the cold walls of my hospital room. I will get back to post some trivial things and some preoccupations (even photographs) I had during those times.

To update y’all, I have been fever free for three days now but have developed rashes all over my body. I practically am a walking giant shrimp. Allergic reactions are not new to me, I am just too grateful now that my rashes are a tad better than what I got used to – they aren’t itchy. If you are like me who chronically has to live with allergies, you will know how much that means. So there, thanks for all your prayers and love people, from my heart to yours. Mwah!!! 😉

I’m Back!
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