I Love Being Home!

I woke up today with a smile on my face. Who wouldn’t? I was sleeping in my own warm bed, not anymore in the frigid bed of the hospital and beside me was my cutie pie son who I have not cuddled with for such a long time. My son went to our room in the middle of the night and decided he would spend the night. I would not have minded if he slept till morning, he just stayed an hour and he realized he wanted to sleep in his own bed so there he went back to his own room. My little big boy.



I have missed my son so much and have been toying with thoughts about getting away to hang out with my family, especially when I saw that NFR Tickets are now available for the taking. It would be nice to getaway after the storm. I would say this is even more timely as it is vacation time. Tomorrow is the official start people from the workplace to enjoy their vacation. A real long weekend for all of us here. I am excited to be out of the hospital just in time for this.

I Love Being Home!

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